Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Experient - Street Stall

19/11/09 (Wednesday) - Last night, After work, I spend my time with my friend, Fauzi (Master student from USM. Aerospace Eng.). We also hang around with Faraihan(Far) and Vizy Nazira (Vizy). I came to SOGO around 7.30 pm and went to solat at ground level. After that, I called Fauzi a.k.a Poji. He said that he at KLCC with Far and Vizy and want to see Thai Movie (Fobia 2) I asked him to treat me for movie. He said Yes.Hehehe ( Luckily the price is cheap on Wednesday).

So I went to Bandaraya STAR LRT Station to get a ride to KLCC and then continue with Masjid Jamek Putra LRT. I came there around 8.15 pm and Poji said that he stayed at the Bookstore. I came there and we have a nice chit chat because we never seen each other for a long time. Many thing we share together and story about our live and job.

Sharply 8.45 pm we entered the cinema and the story line is very interesting. You know why? Because this movie is horror movie but in the same time it make we laughing. Very dificult to do that. I am right? This is uniqueness of this movie (Must seen 9/10 Star)........Promotion.....

After that we take Putra LRT and ride to Masjid Jamek. Then we walked untill arrived to the hotel (Swiss Hotel). I parked my motorcycle at Sogo so I ask Poji to accompany me. So we walked and take clean and fresh air.

On our way, I try to find restaurant or stall but all the shops closed because it is already 11.30 pm. Luckily we found one stall near street without place to eat ( I mean chair). They sell Yong Tau Foo So we just continued went to SOGO to take back my motocycle and went back to the stall because I'm really hungry. I'm not eat anything for dinner yet. So we just enjoyed the food covered with clear sky in the night + fresh and clean air without people busy walking around. This environment make my feeling calm. Enjoy the pictures...

You need to pick your food by yourself

Say Cheese !!!

Yummy !!!

Each stick cost RM1.00. So totally I ate RM4.00

We ourself steam/cook our food

Poji Enjoyed his food
After that we just went back to the hotel and take enough sleep because I need to work for the next day. The End......Not yet....
On my way back to Shah Alam, I totally lost my way to go for work. I took 45 minits to arrive at my work place. That why I really hate to bring my own transportation to KL because KL is very Busy + i don't know map route in KL. I just happy to use Public trasportation such as LRT and Monorail + can see people....hehehe

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